Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Relay For Life, Holy Cross - Worcester, MA (June 17 & 18, 2011)

Survivor Lap
Luminaries of Hope and Remembrance

Light Ceremony



Team "As One" Campsite

Ms. Relay
(Team "As One" - 1st Place)

Thank you to the Team "As One" leaders Monica & Jackie as well as to all those who donated to our effort.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Back to Work

Dear Team Charlene,

For those who didn't hear, the pathology on the surgery came back 100% clean. Specifically, the skin was clean, the 44 lymph nodes, and the muslcle. What great news!!!!!!!! The doctors were all ecstatic and looking forward to a positive future. The treatment plan is still the same, next is radiation for 6 weeks. Start date TBD, pending flexibility in her arms. Then a vaccine clinical trial followed by a clinical trial of post surgery chemo. The triple negative breast cancer hit "mom"hard, so she hit back even harder. The post surgery treatment will hopefully give her an increasesd chance of remaining cancer free. Yes that is right "Mom" is once again cancer free. Thanks to all you thoughts and prayers her spirits remained high and she never let the diease get her down. Many thanks friends, family, her wonderful support group and amazing team of doctors at Dana-Farber, Brighman and Women's, Faulkner, and New England Baptist. Love you Dr. Tolaney and Dr. Dominici, you are both rock stars!!! We will never forget the help of Dr. Ferzoco and Dr. Bern whom got things moving and continue to treat "mom" like the queen bee. As treatment continues we look forward to the future and the long range goals of our family.

Big News, Mom went back to work today. We are so happy that she was able to return to some normalcy. We will miss her hanging out with us all day, but it will be worth the happiness that she feels from being able to be around the animals and her co-workers. We hear that she is on paperwork and desk duty, but just being there is amazing at 3 weeks post-op.

A big Thank You to:

"Mom" just signed up for the Stowe Weekend of Hope, she is so excited. She is looking forward to a getaway with her friends and hopefully some dancing and dessert.

Love the Puppers and Kitty,

Ginger, Liz, and Baby (Meowwwwwwwwwww)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chemo Week 20 - Phase Complete

This week was the final week of treatment.  "Mom" headed off to the Faulkner hospital with "dad", "Grandma Sue", and "Mike".  They headed off ready to call to a close the pre-surgery rounds of chemo.  When they got to the hospital they met our "Cousin Nicole" who had smuggled in a few balloons and a cake.  Nurse Mary was waiting for them with a big smile, so happy that this was "mom's" last treatment.  All the doctors and nurses were amazing, they all stopped by to congratulate "mom" at the end of her 5 month treatment plan.    Below are some photo's "dad" took during the treatment.

"Mom" and her balloons
"Mom" and Mike - Chillin
Final Week - Treatment Crew
The sign says it all (Last Day Hooray)
"Grandma Sue" and Mikey
Our hero, Nurse Mary
(She didn't miss a single treatment even through the blizzards)
Chocolate Cake - Yummy!!!
"Cousin Nicole" and "dad"
The Final Stretch - "mom" needs so cake.
The treatment went really well and as always "mom" kept her signature smile.  The doctors were really happy with the progress of the chemo treatment and were looking forward to the AC kicking a little more tumor butt over the next several weeks.

Looking forward mom will next meet with her surgeons and prepare for surgery in approximately 4 to 6 weeks.  For the next few weeks "mom" will let her body recover from the chemo treatment.  She is looking forward to a little time off and the Fur Ball fundraiser, which is this weekend.  We hear that the music will be bumpin, and "Grandpa Gary" is cooking up an amazing spread.  "Auntie Denise" and "Auntie Jen" are working hard on raffles, decor and pulling the entire even together.  We wish we could attend, but no DOGS OR CATS allowed :-(.  We though it was a Fur Ball, maybe we can participate in the doggy 5K.

Earlier this week "mom" and "dad" visited Western, MA to see our friend Crosby.  Below is a picture of our buddy on "mom's" lap.  We just love that black lab/ great dane.  Thank you "Colleen" for a pre-treatment feast.

This year has been the year of the snow storm and blizzard.  Here are a few shots from around our house from the last snow storm and a video of myself and Ginger playing hide and seek.  Where are our bushes?  Oh yeah under about 10 feet of snow.

Where is the Fence?

Love the Puppers and Kitty,

Liz (WOOOOOOOOOOOOOF), Ginger, and Baby (Meow)